A court opens the door to the Doctrine of Equivalents in Mexico

Comments about the decision of a Court of Appeals in Mexico City that allows Doctrine of Equivalents in patent infringement cases.

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New binding ruling benefits owners of trademarks registered in Mexico that claimed date of first use.

This bindig precedent makes claiming a date of first use in trademark applications safer for trademark owners.

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Mexico expedites appeals

On June, 2016, Mexico changed the statute to make appeal procedures faster.

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Mexican Congress approves trademark opposition system.

Mexico finally adopted an opposition system for new trademark applications.

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The Drug Lord and the Trademark

This is what happens when somebody files an application to register the name of a mob leader as a trademark.

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2015 Holidays of the Mexican Patent and Trademark Office and the courts

The Mexican Patent and Trademark Office and the courts will be closed due the Holidays.

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Some problems that Madrid users may face in Mexico

The Madrid System is covenient and practical for many trademark owners, but in practice they may have to deal with a few problems that regular trademark applicants do not find.

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