The Drug Lord and the Trademark

This is what happens when somebody files an application to register the name of a mob leader as a trademark.

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Some problems that Madrid users may face in Mexico

The Madrid System is covenient and practical for many trademark owners, but in practice they may have to deal with a few problems that regular trademark applicants do not find.

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The different terms of Copyright in Mexico

A review of the different terms of copyright protection stipulated in Mexican law.

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The Mexican Supreme Court sets limits to the filing of new evidence in appeals.

Comments about the limits set by a binding precedent from the Supreme Court to the filing of new evidence in appeals with the Federal Court of Tax and Administrative Affairs.

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What the New Guidelines to Construe the Classification of Goods and Services Mean for Trademark Owners and Applicants

Comments about some of the implications of the New Guildelines to Construte the Classification of Goods and Services in Mexico and the end of the full-class coverage.

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2013 Update. Trademarks Acknowledged as Well-Known and Famous in Mexico

An update of the trademarks acnkowledged as well-known and famous in Mexico. This is a non-limitative list.

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Mexico joins the Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol will finally enter into force in Mexico. I have a few comments about it, including some pending issues about how it will work in our country.

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